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June 1st & 2nd  2024 

Made possible with a grant from the PMG Foundation, we're having our second annual Freewill Fest! Featuring 2 days of poetry and music, we'll be fundraising to help us rehabilitate Freewill, an historic baptist church built in 1837. See you there!

LOCATION: 62 School Street, New Portland, ME 04961

TIME: The fest officially begins at 1pm, and we request that all performers arrive at 12pm to get ready. Please arrive earlier if you have a lot of gear. 


PARKING/LOADING: Everyone, please park on the Middle Road. Performers, please pull up to the front doors, unload, and then park your car along the Middle Road. Please do not park on School Street, that curve is dangerous, and the town has requested no one park there. 


FOOD & DRINK: There will be a potluck and BBQ both days, please bring something to share! BYOB. Please bring extra water for yourself if you are staying awhile or camping.  We’re still raising the funds to dig a proper well as part of our restoration efforts. There is a spring down the Catie's Crotch road to refill your bottles. We will have maps/directions for that at Freewill. 


NOTE: We have no running water or indoor plumbing. There is an outhouse, there will be  porto-potties, and hand sanitizing stations as well.  


WHERE TO STAY: You are welcome to camp. Plan on long sleeves and pants to protect from black flies and ticks. The campsites are primitive. Please clean up after yourselves and leave nothing behind. 


Note: event schedule subject to change

Saturday, June 1st, 2024

1:00 -  Kafari’s Communal Rhythm Bones Workshop   

2:00 – Water Through Stone  

2:45 –  White Gourd  

3:15 – Tom K

4:00 –  Virusse

​4:45 – Arisa White

5:15 – Kafari

6:00 – Joe Jackson

6:30 –  Clay Camero  

7:15 –  KevCoast   

8:00 –  Crazy Déjà Vu

8:45 - Greef

9:30 - Julia Bouwsma

10pm - Rusty Cross

10:45 -  Universal Cell Unlock

11:15 - Buzzcunts

11:45 - Keith Waters, Bob New & Friends     


Sunday, June 2nd, 2024 

11:00 - acoustic breakfast w/ Colby Nathan 

11:45 –  Methuin Muir    

12:30 - Edmondson  

1:15  - Liz Durette  

2pm  - Dee Dee Sea

2:45 - Rev.web  

3:30 - Max Rollins

4:15 – Rhubarb    

5:00 - Night Hag

5:45 - Savage Young Taterbug & Chevy Pile

6:30 - V Manuscript

7:15 - Spriggan     

8:00 - DJs Anomali + Subdweller 

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