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Freewill Fest

May 20th 2023, 3pm

Made possible with a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, we're having our grand opening Saturday May 20th 2023. Featuring local poets, musicians and Irish Storyteller Mike Burns. We'll be recording the event, which is free and open to all ages. We'll be accepting donations to help us further fix up the building and dig a well. Hope to see you there!

BBQ Potluck! Bring a side! 

Questions? email

Event address:

62 School St

New Portland, ME 04961


3:00 Sagittarius Rising 

3:20 Emee G. Smith

3:40 Andy Wendell

3:50 Laura Grover

4:10 White Gourd

4:30 Julia Bouwsma

4:50 The Spookfish

5:10 Arisa White

5:30 Tom K.

5:50 Joe Jackson

6:10 Clay Camero

6:30 Asa Irons

7:10 Mike Burns

7:50 Micah Smaldone

8:30 Jacob Fricke

8:40 the Savage young Tater Bug

9:00 Greef

9:20 Buzzcunts

9:40 Video Nasties

10:30 Godzilla

11:00 Lazy Magnet

11:30 Colby Nathan

12:00 The Box Fans

12:30 Chevy Pile

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